The facilitator will try to provide you and BC Assessment with feedback based on the information provided in the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) website.  You or BC Assessment may disagree with the facilitator’s opinion.  These opinions are non-binding and are not legal advice.

If either of you disagree:

  • The appeal proceeds to adjudication.
  • The decision-maker will be another Board member who will not know what occurred in ODR or what opinions were given by the facilitator. The Board member will only see documents that you and BC Assessment select for him/her to consider for the decision. The Board member will not see the discussion section in the ODR website.

If both you and BC Assessment agree with the facilitator’s suggestions:

  • The Board will issue a final order to either change or keep your the assessment the same.
  • This will complete your appeal.

Note on Board orders:
The facilitator may require you or BC Assessment to do something by a certain deadline.  This is called a Board Order and must be complied with.  If you do not follow a Board Order, the Board may dismiss your appeal.

If you disagree with a Board order, you may request the facilitator change the order (for example, provide more time).