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You will have a confidential, online discussion with BC Assessment about your concerns with the property assessment.

You will use the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) website – which works a lot like a chat tool.  You can upload evidence documents, pictures or anything that supports your point of view.  Share all the relevant information at this stage.  The more you share, the more likely your appeal can be settled by mutual agreement.


  • ODR is not simultaneous chat.  You will not be online at the same time as BC Assessment.  Both parties should respond to each other within 1 to 2 business days.
  • Discussions and documents in ODR are confidential.  If you make an offer to settle, this offer cannot be used against you if the appeal is not resolved and goes to adjudication.
  • See Nature of Online Discussions on how much detail is appropriate.

The usual steps:

  1. List your concerns with your assessment in the message box and upload any support documents.
  2. BC Assessment will respond and may upload evidence (such as comparable sales).
  3. BC Assessment may raise its own issues. This is permitted.
  4. BC Assessment may ask to view your property. This is often a way of resolving your appeal as BC Assessment may make an offer to settle after an inspection.
  5. You may reach agreement in two ways:
    1. You decide you do not have a strong case and discontinue your appeal (called Withdraw); or
    2. You and BC Assessment agree the assessment should be changed (called a Settlement).
  6. If you do not reach agreement, request a Board facilitator See What happens during the Board facilitation stage?