If you and BC Assessment do not reach agreement, you can request a Board facilitator by clicking on the request button in ODR. You then have a three-way chat and this stage is called Board facilitation.

The Board facilitator:

  • will review the messages and documents in ODR;
  • may ask you and BC Assessment questions or require either of you to upload additional documents;
  • may set certain deadlines;
  • may provide you and BC Assessment with a non-binding opinion on the appeal. 

You do not have to accept the Board facilitator's opinion.  The facilitator’s comments are not a decision of the Board and the facilitator is NOT providing legal advice.  Rather, the facilitator’s opinions are based on his/her experience as a Board member and are non-binding. 

If you and BC Assessment agree with the facilitator’s suggestions, your appeal will be completed (by either keeping the assessment the same or changing the assessment).  If you or BC Assessment disagrees with the facilitator, we will go to the next stage called adjudication.

Please note:

  1. The facilitator may require you or BC Assessment to do something by a certain deadline.  This is called a Board Order and must be complied with.  If you do not follow a Board Order, the Board may dismiss your appeal. 
  2. If the appeal proceeds to adjudication, another Board member will make a formal decision. This Board member will not know what opinions were expressed by the facilitator or have access to the ODR discussions. The Board member will only see documents that you and BC Assessment select for him/her to consider for the decision.  See: what happens if we do not resolve my appeal?