The Board facilitator must be involved in the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) discussion.  If you are just online with BC Assessment, click on “Request Board facilitator” button. The facilitator will then join the online conversation and you will have a three-way discussion.

In the ODR website, you can select who to send a message to.  If you want a private discussion with the facilitator, you use the drop down (in the "To" box) and select Facilitator.  BC Assessment will not be able to see this confidential conversation.

BC Assessment may also request a private online conversation with the facilitator.

Any private online discussions with the facilitator are confidential unless you or BC Assessment agrees that the facilitator can share the discussions with each other.

Depending on your question, the Board facilitator may want to provide the feedback to both you and BC Assessment.  To encourage mutual agreement, it is usually better if both parties see the feedback.