The appeal will proceed to adjudication.

The Board facilitator provides you the deadlines and instructions for adjudication. You and BC Assessment prepare written submissions. These documents should have all your written arguments, materials and market evidence that support your case.

The usual steps are:

  1. You and BC Assessment upload documents to a special page in the ODR website.  You have two options:
    • Upload new documents, that you did not previously use in earlier stages of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR); or
    • Upload documents that you previously used in ODR.
  1. The Board member deciding your appeal will not see the discussion section in the ODR website.  The Board member will only see documents that you and BC Assessment select for him/her to consider for the decision.  You must include in these documents everything you want that Board member to consider.
  2. The Board member will issue a written decision in 60 to 90 days.

For more details see how does the written submission method work.