The best way to resolve your appeal is to provide good arguments and supporting evidence.

Focus on the issues in your appeal – not the personalities:

Communicate in a respectful tone and explain why you disagree with your assessment. Be open to the explanations from the other party.  You will usually not reach agreement if you insult or criticize the other party.  This often causes the other person to become defensive and prevents good discussion on a solution.

Recommendation to you and BC Assessment:

Review your text in ODR message box before you click on "send".

Ask yourself:  Have I used a respectful tone in my communications?  Am I listening to the other person's position or being defensive?
If you are not sure about your answers to these questions, take a break before you click "send".

Just like emails, it is easy for the other party to misread your tone (as they cannot hear your voice).

Do your homework:

You will more likely reach agreement if you provide good information, supported by market evidence. Even if your appeal is not settled, this work will assist you in preparing your submissions to the Board for a decision.

Neither you nor BC Assessment has a burden of proof in the appeal.  Both of you should provide evidence to support your position.  It is not enough to simply criticize the other party’s evidence. 

Use this Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) Guide to:
    ο research support for your position
    ο Evaluate the strength of your position

Ways to communicate:

Use the ODR website for discussion rather than your normal email.  If you and BC Assessment do not reach mutual agreement, the Board facilitator will review all discussions in the ODR website and will not see any emails or other communications outside ODR.

Do not be afraid to pick up the phone or meet at your property.  Sometimes this will be more effective than an online discussion.

Respond within 24 to 48 hours.  See Expected Timelines.  If the other party is not responding or cooperating in the online discussion, please email the Board at:

Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance:

Ask for the Board’s help at anytime.  You may need help in deciding whether to accept a proposal from BC Assessment or in deciding if you have a strong case.

To bring in the Board into the ODR discussions, click on the “Request Board facilitator” button.


If you have any other questions, contact the Board:
Phone: 604-775-1740
Toll free: 1-888-775-1740