Expected timelines in ODR:

Step When
Board gives you log in instructions to ODR website to start confidential settlement discussions In April or May
BC Assessment: uploads the Property Valuation Summary In first 3 days
Appellant: details concerns with the assessment and uploads supporting documents  In first 5 days
BC Assessment: responds, includes their position on the issues and uploads supporting documents In next 5 days
Both parties: try to reach agreement with further discussions and sharing of documents In next 5 to 7 days
Both parties: can request the assistance of the Board facilitator At anytime
Board facilitator: assists parties reach mutual agreement.  If not resolved, sets deadlines for adjudication In 2 to 3 weeks from start
If agreement not reached, both parties: prepare documents with all their arguments and evidence and uploads them to the ODR website Additional 4 to 8 weeks
Board member: decides whether the assessment will change and uploads the decision with written reasons 60 to 90 days later